Things Applicants Add to Resumes That Lose Them the Job

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Things Applicants Add to Resumes That Lose Them the Job

We understand the need for a lot of first-time applicants to make their resumes stand out. Although this certainly is a great way to catch the recruiter’s attention, it can also be your downfall.

Here three things that we at Jack Of All Trades Personnel think you might want to leave out of your resume:

  • Claiming that you are “fluent” in a foreign language
    If you’re basing your fluency on your 2-year experience of high-school Spanish classes, you might want to rethink throwing that information out of your resume. As an employment agency in Waco, Texas, we understand the strict guidelines when hiring candidates with foreign language skills. So if you’re not sure about your linguistic skills, don’t risk it.
  • Using complicated industry jargon to make yourself sound more impressive
    To avoid this problem altogether, we suggest that you try writing as if you’re writing to your parents. Using simple language in your resume, especially if your changing industries, is a great way to effectively deliver your message to the recruiters.
  • Including a photo of yourself to be “more memorable”
    Although a few jobs in Waco, Texas, might require you to include a photo of yourself in your application, it isn’t entirely necessary. The impression your resume photo makes on a recruiter is difficult to change, which is why you want them to focus on your skills as much as possible and not judge you by your looks.

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