It’s a Match! 4 Tips on Making the Right Recruit

Posted on by Louise Savoie

Recruitment is a challenging undertaking that incites a worry for many hiring managers. Hiring the wrong person, for instance, is not only financially expensive but is also time-consuming. Finding the right employee, however, could lead to more productivity and an overall positive impact on the company’s work environment. Hiring doesn’t have to be intimidating. Here are some of our suggestions:

  1. Set a Clear Job Description
    Defining a job first before searching for someone who could do it is an essential part of the hiring process. This is important since not knowing what you’re looking for would make it even harder to look for the right recruit. Job analysis, therefore, is a key step that would provide an overview of the knowledge, skills, and abilities that are crucial for a particular job. It allows you to gather information that could ultimately be used to develop a comprehensive job description.
  2. Make an Objective List of Qualifications
    This involves listing standards objectively with the goal of checking off as much of it as possible. It is not just a checklist of qualities to look for but rather, a smart recruiting strategy that would help the rest of the hiring process run smoothly. This checklist safeguards the integrity of your recruiting efforts by keeping you neutral and most importantly, on track when it comes to schedules and industry requirements.
  3. Maintain a Smooth Hiring Process
    A smooth hiring process starts with a good recruitment strategy followed by a thorough review of all the applicants whom you will be pre-screening, examining, and of course, asking the right questions. Some of these steps would vary from one company to the next but one should not overlook the value of doing these deceivingly simple things.
  4. Select the Right Personnel Service Provider
    The hiring process could differ from one company to the other and it could sometimes be a challenge to find the right recruit. It is never a bad idea to seek for outside resources when this happens. Companies like Jack of All Trades Personnel Services, an employment agency in Waco, Texas provide staffing solutions to companies who need it. We are dedicated to assisting both the employee and employer in finding the right match. We cater not only to the different recruitment demands of employers in various industries but also to accommodate employees who are looking for jobs in Waco, Texas. Part of our job is to ensure quality staff to quality employers, hence the name Jack of All Trades Personnel.

It is important to remember that making the right recruit does not stop at the job offer but also extends to the process of maintaining high employee morale. Employment, after all, is a venture that involves two parties and it takes both of them to make the perfect match work in the long run. We, at Jack of All Trades Personnel, wish you luck in your hiring endeavors! To avail our services, call 254-754-7997 or send a message to

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