Tips for a Great Job Interview

Posted on by Louise Savoie

You may possess the right skills, education, and training for the job you want; however, besides the exams that come with applying for your desired position, one huge determinant on whether you get accepted or not is the way you fare at the interview. The best way to ace that nerve-racking interview is to be prepared, which is why we list down 4 tips on helping you do this:

  • Research and Read on the Company and Industry
    You don’t expect to be taken in by a company you know absolutely nothing about. The interviewer may ask you questions pertaining to how you perceive the company, its position in the industry, and its competitors. So make sure that you know even just an overview of what the company does, how long have they been in the industry, and who their competitors are.
  • Know Your Personal Strengths and the Reasons You Want the Job
    When applying for a job, especially during the interview, you are actually “selling yourself”. So make sure to know your good points and what makes you the best candidate for the position. It will also be useful to have an example ready for each selling point you have to make it sound more appealing. Be prepared to answer why you want the job with the company, and make sure to really show interest and enthusiasm.
  • Score Success in the First 5 Minutes
    Studies indicate that most of the time, interviewers have already made up their minds even during the first few minutes of the interview and will only just spend the rest of the time looking for points to support that decision. Therefore, it is important to already make a really good impression from the start. Enter with energy and enthusiasm, express appreciation for the interviewer’s time, and show interest and positivity about the company.
  • Take Responsibility for the Interview
    A lot of candidates usually become passive in interviews as they don’t want to seem rude and would rather just wait for the interviewer’s questions in order to be polite. This, however, would often discourage interviewers from giving you the much-needed attention to see your skills and capabilities. Initiate a conversation, steer the interview towards a relevant topic, and find opportunities in the exchange to really sell your good points.

Once you’ve got these tips in mind, it’s now only a matter of finding the company that will suit your skills, interests, and experience. Of course, a lot of other candidates are also vying for jobs similar to the ones you like, so having efficient and professional help in the job hunt is essential.

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