Creating Your First Resume: Common Mistakes to Avoid

Posted on by Louise Savoie


If you have been applying to multiple jobs but haven’t heard from potential employers, it might have something to do with your resume. Many job applicants, especially fresh graduates, tend to forget their resumes are valuable marketing tools that help them stand out from the pool of candidates.

  1. Lack of specifics or important information.
    When you are looking for jobs in Waco, Texas, employers need to understand what you have done and accomplished. Hence, add important details about your previous work experience that demonstrate your abilities. It’s just as important not to leave out important information, such as any soft skills you learned from past jobs.
  2. Highlighting duties instead of accomplishments.
    A common mistake that applicants make is highlighting their responsibilities instead of their accomplishments. Your resume needs to portray how good you are at your job, so simply stating a list of duties can read like an echo of your job description. Instead, mention any contributions or accomplishments you made.
  3. Typos, poor layout, and inaccurate contact information.
    Typos and grammatical errors can draw unflattering conclusions about you and reflects how much you care. Likewise, a resume with a poor layout can turn off potential employers while inaccurate contact information can cost you a potential job.

In addition to creating a good resume, it also helps to work with an employment agency in Waco, Texas. An employment agency can aid in your job hunt to help you secure a job and boost your career.

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