Future-proof: Valuable Skills That Will Survive the Age of AI

Posted on by Louise Savoie

It’s hard to imagine a world without phones and computers – to come into a workplace with nothing but a desk, a notepad or a telephone. Truth is, we’ve been living so long with artificial intelligence (AI) and it has undeniably earned a priceless spot in our working lives. On a more sinister note, AI technology has advanced so much that it now poses a serious threat to the future working lives of us, humans. There is hope though, we might have built the best robots in the galaxy but there are still distinctly human skills that can’t be easily replicated by AI:

  1. Thinking Outside the Box
    Nothing beats human kind’s craving for problem-solving. We always find ways to see through a challenge. AI might be able to think faster and spit out calculations in a matter of milliseconds, but it is limited to things that it is programmed to do. Humans, however, have always managed to step outside those boundaries and flourish.
  2. Interpersonal Skills
    More than just participating in workplace gossip, interpersonal skills involve the ability to communicate effectively in either written or verbal form. It also means being able to establish a good professional relationship with the people you work with. AI communication systems do exist but it would take several more years to mimic the dynamics of its human counterpart.
  3. Workplace Ethics
    Robots are not so keen on abstract concepts such as ethics. It might be programmed to do certain things that could resemble “ethics” but it can never really interpret it the way humans do. Workplace ethics such as adaptability, honesty, integrity, positivity, diligence are just some of the many values that couldn’t be programmed into an AI.

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