Tips for Restarting Your Career in Your 30s

Posted on by Louise Savoie


By the age of 30, you may feel like you’ve been working forever. If you just aren’t enjoying your work as much as you had anticipated, it could be that your job just isn’t a good fit. At 30, you have learned a lot about yourself since you chose your career in your 20s or earlier. If you want to start a career in a different field, we at Jack Of All Trades Personnel will share tips that may help:

  1. Leverage your skills and experience.
    Even if you want to pursue a career in an entirely different industry or field, there are some skills you can still leverage to grow your career. For instance, working in the healthcare industry has helped you develop good people skills which you can leverage in a commission-based sales position or a job in customer service.
  2. Get a different job in the same industry.
    You don’t necessarily have to switch industries. If you enjoy the work environment, you can always work in a different role in the same industry. An employment agency in Waco, Texas can help with a lateral job change. This allows you to use the skills you’ve already got in a role that allows you to experience a different side of the industry.
  3. Take a “working vacation”.
    If freelancing or volunteering is out of the question, devote some of your vacation time to career exploration. Schedule informational interviews for different jobs in Waco, Texas, research your new career, re-educate yourself, and attend some networking events. This might open the doors to a new role.

Want to start a new career in your 30s? if so, browse our jack of all trades jobs in Waco, Texas to get started.

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